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Caribbean food & cuisine is a blend of African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Indian/South Asian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese. These traditions were brought from many other countries when they came to the Caribbean for various reasons. In addition, the population has created styles that are unique to the region and to their respective countries. The most used ingredients in most caribbean countries and islands’ dishes are rice, plantains, beans, cassava, culantro, bell peppers, chickpeas, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, coconut, and any of various meats that are locally available like beef, poultry, pork or fish. We present 1000s of Caribbean food diet recipes that you can search from and include the macros, calories, and nutrient count for each recipe along with ingredients and instructions.

Chinese Food Recipes – 1000s

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,《Caribbean Food Recipes校园app开发》
《Caribbean Food Recipes校园app开发》
《Caribbean Food Recipes校园app开发》